The entire process from conception to completion took about 11 months. Like I mentioned in my first post, we spend the first month or so soliciting for volunteers, sharing contact information with the organizers, and getting access to the DevOpsDays Slack channel.

The first meeting we had as organizers was via Google Hangouts in January. We had 2 main objectives for the first meeting:

  • Introducing ourselves and sharing why we volunteered for this opportunity
  • Review the DevOpsDays Organizing Guide and volunteer for one or two of the main responsibilities:
    • Person/Pair handling talk proposals
    • Person/Pair handling ignite proposals
    • Person/Pair handling website updates
    • Person/Pair handling sponsors
    • Person/Pair handling registration, invoicing, questions
    • Person/Pair handling venue, catering, local things, hotel
    • Person/Pair handling t-shirts
    • Person/Pair handling evening event logistics

After the introductions, it was clear that we all had two things in common:

  1. We wanted to share DevOps culture with Kansas City
  2. None of us had any experiece organizing anything like this before

To get started, we knew that we needed conference dates, a venue, at least one sponsor, and a way to handle finances. We obviously didn’t figure all of those out during the first meeting, but we at least had an idea of where to go next. In later posts, I’m going to write about the major milestones, decisions, and lessons I learned while helping organize this conference.